Tiffany cagwin

Co-Director // Syracuse, 200-Hour Training

Like many other people, Tiffany came to the yoga mat initially seeking a good workout. Those “workouts” evolved into a passion for studying the yoga path that has transformed her life. The desire to progress from student to teacher was sparked in Boston when Tiffany joined Back Bay Yoga Studio in 2010. There she began regularly taking classes with Ame Wren and found a deeper connection to her practice than ever before. Tiffany completed her 200 hour teacher training with Kate Greer and Lynne Begier in 2011 at Back Bay Yoga Studio. Her alignment focused, Vinyasa style classes are both gentle and challenging, strong and fluid, mindful and fun. Through her teaching, she hopes to bring an understanding to her students that yoga is so much more than the poses. That the poses (asanas) are just one of the powerful tools that can be used in the process of self inquiry and the ultimate goal of stilling the fluctuations of the mind. Tiffany is grateful for all of the amazing teachers that she has been able to study with on her path and is currently enrolled in a 300 hour Enrichment Program of study with certified Iyengar teacher Nikki Costello in NYC. She founded O Yoga Studio in 2011 and also co-directs the Boston Yoga School 200 hour teacher training program in Syracuse with her dear friend and teacher Ame Wren.