Nadine Channaoui

Assistant // Boston, 300-Hour Training

My yoga practice began in Buenos Aires, Argentina during a Fulbright grant term. Gymnastics had been a large part of my life growing up, and I was initially interested in yoga as a translation of my passion for gymnastics into a form of movement that was more physically sustainable. Like many practitioners, my initial appreciation for the physicality of yoga was soon complemented by an intrigue for its emotional and spiritual layers.

As a passionate traveler, I have set up temporary home in Bolivia, Argentina, Spain, and Costa Rica over the years. Though the landscape of my living place has shifted, I have come to find that my sturdiest and sincerest home is that which is held within my own body. It is this ever-present place of peace and equanimity that motivates my yogic journey. I believe that exposure to different postures, terrains, and events, in conjunction with compassionate observation, provides invaluable opportunity for self-reflection and growth toward our truest nature. In this process of growth, we increase our ability to act with clarity, honesty, compassion, and authenticity.

I am incredibly grateful to have learned from inspiring teachers across the globe, most notably from Ame Wren, with whom I have completed my 200- and 500-hour teacher trainings. My yoga practice and approach to teaching have also been inspired by Kevin Courtney, Nicole Clark, and Brenna Matthews. In the classes I offer, you can expect to be guided with thoughtful sequencing, clear and kind instruction, and the invitation to explore your experiences with curiosity and compassion.

In addition to my role as a yoga instructor, I work part-time as a genetic counselor. I received my Master of Science in Genetic Counseling from Boston University School of Medicine in 2013. As a genetic counselor, I am attuned to working with clients one-on-one and am knowledgeable about numerous genetic conditions, such as hereditary cancer syndromes and connective tissue disorders.