Jenn Duran

Assistant // The Seat of a Teacher

I have been practicing and studying yoga for many years, and I love how it has transformed my body, mind and life. I believe that the human spirit has unlimited potential and that the human experience is ever changing, both on and off the mat. I want to share the gifts and insights that I've gathered with others as we build strong yet light hearted communities unified by love, respect and yoga.

My teaching style is rooted in formal training influenced by different styles of yoga and inspired by self discovery and my love for the physical practice. In my classes I combine traditional principles and contemporary transitions. There's physical challenge, but the goal is to create ease, stability and self awareness. I strive to teach with authenticity and creativity and encourage my students to bring their own personal intention to their practice and to learn and find inspiration in every class.

My flows can be intensely physical yet accessible as we synchronize the breath with the use of repetition and a progressive series of postures. The intentional structure and alignment, infused with intelligent and creative sequencing, allows students to enjoy the freedom of Vinyasa and motivates them to cross boundaries into the new and unknown, creating a sacred space to commune with the Self.