brenna matthews

Co-Director // Boston, Yoga Studies

Guest Faculty // The Art of Touch & Applied Anatomy

Yoga has always made sense to me. Even before I knew what the term was or completed a class, I had the understanding that everything is connected. When I started practicing and living mindfully and holistically, it felt like coming home. I teach because I want the world to be a more loving place, and I think it can start by more people looking within (perhaps in my yoga class).
During my younger years, I played division 1 college soccer and ran half and full marathons. Because of this, I’ve come to appreciate the softness yoga can offer. In my classes, I try to offer this element of softness while challenging the body through measured breathing and creative sequencing.
I am ever an eager student of the practice. I have studied touch, adjustments, and anatomy extensively with Zach Dacuk and Ame Wren. In addition to yoga I recently completed an 850+ hour massage therapy program and now supplement my teaching with bodywork.